Trash Disposal in Korea



Garbage: White Plastic Bags

In Korea you have to purchase garbage bags at the local convenience store or mart and bring them out on Monday, Wednesday or Friday in the evening.  Please separate the items. (recycled paper, cans, bottles, etc)


Food Garbage: Yellow Bags:

food garbage bags

Put the “Food garbage” in the small green bins in front of the apartment.

Flush down the toilet any liquids. For example: Ramen noodles and soup. For any other leftover food such as fruits, vegetables or bones. Simply put it in a “Food waste bag” and freeze it so it doesn’t smell. Once it’s full you can dispose it in the personal GREEN food bins




Please separate the paper,  cardboard, plastic, glass, and aluminum from the rest of the trash. The good news is you can put them in any plastic bags. Meaning, those free ones you get at the grocery store!

Donation Boxes:

They are green in color and there’s a few located nearby. You can drop off your old clothing and worn out shoes.


Korean-Canadian. Living in Seoul, Korea.

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