Sinchon Area


Sinchon is an area surrounded by 4 major universities (Yonsei, Ewha, Sogang and HONGIK) The subway station is on LINE 2 in between HONGIK university station and Ewha Womens university station.


Due to the universities, the area is mainly catered towards the huge Korean and foreign student population. The area is known to be very safe at all times for both males and females alike.


There are plenty of cafes, restaurants, shops and entertainment places to keep you occupied 24 hours a day. The Sinchon Severance hospital is also located here with ENGLISH speaking doctors in case of an emergency.


The area is also well known for its night-life with many Western and Korean style bars, live music and a wide range of clubs to meet everyone’s needs!

Pictures: Courtesy of VisitKorea



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