1) I’m not in Korea yet. How can I book a room?

  • You can pay the deposit by either paypal or bank transfer to book your room. The deposit will equal 1st months rent, which will also be due when you arrive.

2) Utilities.


  • 2018 – Average:
  • April – June = 25,000
  • July – September = 50,000
  • October – November = 25,000
  • December – March = 50,000

3) Internet & Wifi

internet wifi

  • Wifi is included in the apartment. You can also directly connect to a land line. There is no extra charge.

4) Phone.


  • If you are staying for less than 1-year, bring a phone and get a SIM card. Minimum 10,000 ($9) needs to be added. It’s good for 6 months! (All incoming calls are FREE) Say the following phrase at the phone store: “Sun-byul-phone

5) Banks.


  • I would highly recommend to open a bank account as soon as you receive your ARC (Alien Registration Card) You can use your card to pay for just about anything without the hassle of carrying cash and coins. (KEB, Nonghyup, Shinhan all have English speaking lines you can call)
  • Some banks allow you to open an account with just your passport such as WOORI bank
  • Expat banking review

6) Transportation.


  • Get a T-Money card which is sold at any convenience store

8) English Help

english help line korea

  • 02-120
  • 1588-5644


9) Garbage, Trash and Recycling.

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9) How far is it from Yonsei, Sogang, Ewha, and Hongik (Hongdae) University?

  • All the apartments are 2 – 5 minutes away from Sinchon Station.  It’s convenient and close to walk to all 4 universities.

No pets

10) Are pets allowed?

  • Nope. Not even fish 🙂