Guide: FREE Internet WiFi Service in Seoul Korea


Free Internet Wifi in Korea

Korea is known as a “connected” city. You can use internet literally everywhere in Korea. Not only is it stable it’s also blazing fast. I was shocked when I found out that internet even works underground in the subway and trains. Below is the list of the default ID and passwords. Many people (including myself) never change the password or ID once we set up our internet) Enjoy your surfing!

Wifi Spot Password
KT SSID , KT_WLAN 1234567890 | 123456789a | 1234567890c
HellowD (헬로우 디), Hellowireless, SO070VOIP 534f4b4354
Tbroadnet 123456789
Egg 택시 (taxi) SHOW3382
KWI-B2200T, KWI-2200 SHOW3382 | password
myLGnet, myLG070 123456789a | 987654321a | 1234567890 | myLGNetfe07
SK a123456789
Tbroadnet a123456789
세븐일레븐 (7-Eleven) 2127393302
맥도날드 (McDonalds) 16005252 (McDonald’s delivery phone number)
스타벅스 (Starbucks) Phone number of the starbucks you’re at (see receipt)
tobis 1234
iptime, anygate, zio, linksys no default passwords

Korean-Canadian. Living in Seoul, Korea.

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