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minimalist studio

minimalist design to maximize space

Dracula Dental Clinic is the best Dentist in Seoul. Believe me I’ve tried them all!

First of all let me say that I care about my teeth a LOT! Since I was a little, people always complimented me on my teeth. Through-out the years I would always go to the best dentists for maintenance and

How to order online from Costco Korea Guide with Pictures

Click on “real time bank transfer” and click “agree” Click on “make payment” Click on top right button and click “다음” Select your bank if it’s not listed click “더보기” Enter Bank account number 4 digit password ID card number

Preventing pipes from freezing or bursting in Korea

Every year a common problem that I hear about is pipes freezing or bursting. Korean winters can be brutally cold! Imagine going a week or longer without water due to frozen pipes!  To prevent this let’s go over some things:

How to setup a iptime WiFi Extender / Booster

If there are some weak WiFi spots in your apartment, try using a WiFi extender which works great for multi level apartments. Here is a guide on how to set it up: 1) Connect to the Extender (network called “iptime”

How to open a Bank Account in Korea

Starting from 2018, no banks will allow you to open a bank account with simply a passport. Those good old days are gone due to new strict laws in Korea. If you are a student or working in Korea you

Having problems with iptime router? How to upgrade firmware

Hello everyone! For the past month, I had constant issues with WiFi internet where it would drop multiple times a day. After doing this simple upgrade I had ZERO connection drops and my WiFi has been rock solid strong! If

How to set up a wireless router network in Korea with iptime

iptime wireless router setup guide In this guide there is step by step instructions on how to set up the wireless network with the most popular router in Korea iptime. Connect to the wireless network it should be called: “iptime”

Sinchon R Studio

Sinchon R Studio Fully Furnished Includes WiFi 3 minute walk to Sinchon station    chon

Sinchon NS Studio

Sinchon NS Studio Fully Furnished WiFi Internet