The cheapest way is to take the “A” line (Airport line) to HONGIK university station. Do NOT take the EXPRESS train as it will take you directly to SEOUL station. (Note: If you are coming from GIMPO Airport you can also take this route as well.)

Transfer to Line 2 @ Hongik University Station

Transfer and get off the next stop at Sinchon station. (You can also take a taxi from Hongik University station)

Taxi Route: Go to exit 4 at Hongik University Station

You will be on the main street and should be able to catch a cab easily. The taximeter will probably not go up much and will cost less than 3,500 won ($3.25)

However…Some drivers may ask you for 5,000 won ($4.50) because the distance is so close for them that it may not be worth it for them to take you on as a passenger.
If the driver is hesitant to take you on as a passenger after showing them the address, just show them 5,000 and they should accept.

Option #2

At the airport find Exit #4 or Exit #6 and purchase your ticket (10,000 won) for bus #6002 

Find Bus stop 5B

Get off the 5th stop at Sinchon Station

Find exit 5 at Sinchon station it’s only a few minutes away to the apartment by foot. Click Here for Directions


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