Best place or area to live in Seoul for students?



One of the most popular questions I get asked is “Where should I live in Seoul!?” the answer depends on YOU!

Criteria for locations:

1) Variety of restaurants
2) Plenty of places to shop
3) Good Nightlife
4) Big Expat Community

Example 1: Let’s say you love to hang out with friends, party on the weekends (or weekdays!) Plan on eating cheap but delicious foods with minimal cooking aside from instant noodles or a fried egg…then SINCHON or HONGDAE would be the ideal location.

Example 2: You get home-sick easily. Have a hard time adapting to other culture, foods, people, etc. Prefer speaking English, and seeing other foreigners daily. Then ITAEWON or NOKSAPYEONG would be ideal!

Example 3: You plan on working part or full time while your here. Prefer the finer things in life. Love being surrounded by beautiful (plastic or not) people then GANGNAM would be ideal for you!



Korean-Canadian. Living in Seoul, Korea.

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