Having problems with iptime router? How to upgrade firmware


Hello everyone!

For the past month, I had constant issues with WiFi internet where it would drop multiple times a day. After doing this simple upgrade I had ZERO connection drops and my WiFi has been rock solid strong! If you have any issues with connection drops, or weak router signals, a simple firmware upgrade might do the trick!

Here are step-by-step directions with pictures on how to upgrade to the latest firmware for your IPtime router

  2. Type admin / admin
  3. enter captcha code
  4. click on setup (furthest left button)
  5. click on firmware upgrade (4th line)
  6. click on firmware online upgrade (furthest right button)
  7. It will take a few minutes for it to upgrade to the latest version


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6 comments on “Having problems with iptime router? How to upgrade firmware
  1. Elenaor says:

    Hello! I have a problem with my IPtime router. I am trying to make a passoword for my netowork, but everyitme I try the IP address, I cannot connect to it. I bought a new router thinking the old one was broken, but I am still having trouble.
    The internet works fine, I just cant get to the admin’s page.
    If you can help me out, I would greatly appriciate it!

    • chris says:

      Hi Elenaor
      If you have the same issue with the new router as the old one. I suggest 2 things:
      1) Change the ETHERNET cable that connects the MODEM to the ROUTER
      2) Update your Wifi Adapter on your PC.
      3) Also try a different device like your phone to see if that works as there might be something with your PC Wifi Adapter as my friend had a similar issue this year.

  2. Chellie says:

    Hi, i followed your steps and it worked. I set up the Network. But when i tried logging in the wifi it won’t connect. so i tried to upgrade the firmware like your post suggested. it won’t let me back onto the site because i’m no longer connected to the router. how to i reconnect to the router? there is no reset button on the ipTimeH6005-IGMP

    • chris says:

      Hello Chellie
      You can just directly connect using a ETHERNET cable that is provided in all the Iptime routers and then access the router directly.

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