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Cleaning and Preventing Mold

It’s black, it’s green and it’s gross. Mold often appears in the winter times when the heating is turned on and there is no ventilation to let proper air flow. It thrives in areas where there is a lot of

Trash Disposal in Korea

Garbage: White Plastic Bags In Korea you have to purchase garbage bags at the local convenience store or mart and bring them out on Monday, Wednesday or Friday in the evening.  Please separate the items. (recycled paper, cans, bottles, etc) Food

Guide: FREE Internet WiFi Service in Seoul Korea

Korea is known as a “connected” city. You can use internet literally everywhere in Korea. Not only is it stable it’s also blazing fast. I was shocked when I found out that internet even works underground in the subway and trains.

How to get FREE taxi service in Seoul

Its called uber. Sign up and download the app. Uber is safer than a taxi: trackable on your phone, and all drivers are background checked to insure quality and service. As a special promotion for new riders in Seoul You

Best place or area to live in Seoul for students?

One of the most popular questions I get asked is “Where should I live in Seoul!?” the answer depends on YOU! Criteria for locations: 1) Variety of restaurants 2) Plenty of places to shop 3) Good Nightlife 4) Big Expat

Are you staying in a Hostel or Guesthouse?

Airbnb is currently offering a $25 credit exclusively for first-time users. Sign up for AirBnB!